Taylor School

Taylor School

No longer standing and de-listed on 7/16/2008

National Register ID: 87000209

Area Of Significance: Architecture

Architectural Classification: Craftsman

Period Of Significance: 1900-1924

Date Listed: 1/15/1987

Location: 116 Leonard Street, Bay St. Louis, MS

Statement of Significance

Taylor School is significant as a rare example of the Craftsman style of architecture being utilized for an institutional building. The Craftsman style was associated primarily, if not exclusively, with residential architecture. The school maintains a high degree of architectural integrity. Taylor School, along with Webb School, is representative of the one and and two teacher schools that comprised the public education system on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The massing, size and styles of Webb and Taylor Schools are unique among the rema1n1ng, surveyed school buildings which are generally larger and more monumental in design than these.

Architectural Description

Taylor School is a one story, 5x2 bay, clapboarded building raised on rusticated, concrete block piers. Its corrugated tin roof has exposed rafter ends and side gables with two attic windows each. The front façade is marked by a large, central gable set perpendicular to the main roofline and projecting out over a porch where it is supported by four Craftsman style columns resting on rusticated, concrete block pedestals. The gable, which is sheathed in shingle siding, contains a paired attic window and two smaller gables. The porch has two sets of steps leading up to it and simple, wooden railing with a Colonial Revival style motif. Located in the porch area is a paired window flanked by two sets of double doors. Each door has panelling on its lower half and a multilight window. The predominant window form is 8/4 double hung sash.

Additional Notes

LANDSCAPE FEATURES: The lawn, shrubbery and flowers are well-maintained because this property belongs to the Bay-Waveland Garden Club.
VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Lots 12 and 13, Block 2, Leonhard's Subdivision, Bay St. Louis, Miss., registered for taxes as Parcel 19538, City of Bay St. Louis.

(Details and text copied from National Register nomination form)

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