Blaize Avenue

100 Blaize Avenue (BD-327) -- (listed as Railroad & Hancock) Ca. 1950. Commercial building. Concrete block. 1-story structure with overhanging hip roof. (M) 
102 Blaize Avenue (BD-326) -- (listed as Railroad ???) 1930. Commercial building. 1-story 4x2-bay front-gabled structure with 2 storefronts. Shiplap sided. (P) Kingston Barber shop. 
122-136 Blaize Avenue (BD-308) -- (listed as Railroad 124-136) Ca. 1915. 1-story 6x2-bay brick commercial block with 7-bays divided by pilasters. Original transoms. 1 bay is incompatibly modernized. (C) (In 2007: 0122, Gift shop - 0124, Coffee & beignets - 126, Emma’s - 128/132, Benigno’s - 134, CJ’s - 136, Jacks). 
300 Blaize Avenue (BD-282) -- (listed as Railroad ???) Ca. 1900. (Corner of Railroad and Keller). 1-story frame building with hip roof, canted corner entrance and brick veneer front (C) . Old Fahey Drug Store. Burned in the late 1990’s.  (No longer standing)
308 Blaize Avenue (BD-281) -- (listed as Railroad ???) Ca. 1960. 1-story L-plan modern house. (I) Demolished 2007 along with the ruins from the old ice house.   (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
398 Blaize Avenue (BD-280) -- (listed as Railroad 398) 1916 Queen Anne style. 2½-story irregular–plan house constructed of rusticated concrete block. Gable roof with gable-roof dormer and projecting gable-roofed 1-bay 2-story porches. Gable are shingled and decorated with cut-out verge screens. (P) 
400 Blaize Avenue (BD-279) -- (listed as Railroad 400) Ca. 1925. 1-story commercial building with front gable orientation, bracketed eaves and undercut entrance bay. Newer section added to front elevations. (M) 
406 Blaize Avenue (BD-278) -- (listed as Railroad 406) Ca. 1945. Commercial building corner of Sycamore and Railroad. Art Moderne. 1-story 3x1-bay concrete block building with rounded corners and flat roof with wide rounded overhang. Original side entrance with double doors and sidelights. 
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