Bookter Street

101 Bookter Street (BD-324) -- 1970. St Stanislaus Campus. School building. 1-story brick and vertical aluminum panel building (I)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
101_1 Bookter Street (BD-323) -- Ca. 1970. St Stanislaus Campus. Storage facility. 1-story brick gable roofed structure (I)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
101_2 Bookter Street (BD-322) -- Ca. 1970. St Stanislaus Campus. 1-story concrete block garage. (I).   (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
101_3 Bookter Street (BD-321) -- Ca.1950. St Stanislaus Campus. School building. 2-story Colonial Revival. 9x1-bay brick building with large round-arched side window. Concrete water table cornice and keystones. (C)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
114 Bookter Street (BD-320) -- Ca. 1930 with modernizations. 1½-story 5x5-bay house with hip roof and dormer. Brick veneer cladding.  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
116 Bookter Street (BD-319) -- Ca. 1940. 1-story 3x3-bay duplex with front gable orientation, exposed rafter-tails and rear L. (C)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
118 Bookter Street (BD-318) -- Ca. 1930. 1-story gable-on-hip-roof house with undercut porch and 4-bay façade with 2 entrances in the middle bays. Gable is bracketed.   (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
120 Bookter Street (BD-317) -- Ca. 1900 with later additions. 1-story gable-roofed frame house constructed on a T-plan. (C)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
122 Bookter Street (BD-316) -- Ca. 1920. 1-story 3x3-bay L-plan cottage with a gable-on-hip roof on the front section and gable roof on the rear.  
126 Bookter Street (BD-315) -- Ca. 1970. 1-story 5x2-bay modern brick veneer house with hip roof. (I) 
128 Bookter Street (BD-314) -- Ca. 1925. 1-story 3x3-bay cottage with hip roof and exposed rafter-tails. Half of front elevation is an undercut porch with a corner column resting on a brick pier.  
204 Bookter Street (BD-312) -- Ca. 1915. Colonial Revival and Bungalow-style elements. 1½-story house with hip roof, centrally place gabled dormer and under cut gallery. Palladian window in dormer. Set of pyramidal box columns on stucco piers support the gallery. 2-story rear addition. (C) 
214 Bookter Street (BD-311) -- Ca. 1890 with later alterations. 1-story shotgun cottage with front gable orientation, undercut 2-sided gallery. Elaborately shingled gable. Some bracketed posts resting on raised rusticated concrete block piers. (C) 
218 Bookter Street (BD-310) -- Ca. 1925. 1-story gable –on-hip-roofed house with undercut gallery, 5-bay façade and central entrance. Exposed rafter-tails. Asbestos shingle on 2 sides. 
220 Bookter Street (BD-309) -- Ca. 1920 1-story 6x2-bay frame building with canted corner entrance. Brick veneer lower part of façade. (C)  (No longer standing)
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