Keller Street

130 Keller Street (BD-298) -- Ca. 1930. 1-story 2x5-bay clapboard house with exposed rafter-tails. Modernized. (M)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
131 Keller Street (BD-300) -- Ca. 1960. 2-story front-gabled cottage with front porch wider than the main block. (M)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
133 Keller Street (BD-301) -- Ca. 1950. 1-story 3x2-bay gable-roofed house with undercut gallery. Clapboard. (M) 
134 Keller Street (BD-297) -- Ca. 1930. 1-story 3x5-bay front-gabled house with 2-bay side L. Paired pyramidal columns on rusticated concrete block piers. (C) 
202 Keller Street (BD-289) -- Ca. 1935. 1-story front-gabled cottage with projecting porch supported on box columns in groups of 3. 
204 Keller Street (BD-288) -- Ca. 1930. 1-story 4x4-bay duplex with hip roof, undercut gallery and exposed rafter-tails. (C) 
206 Keller Street (BD-287) -- Ca. 1925. L-plan house with additions. Clad with asbestos siding. (C) 
209 Keller Street (BD-304) -- Ca. 1905. Queen Anne style elements. 1-story front gabled house with undercut porch and projecting polygonal bays. Central entrance with Queen Anne sash door with transom above. Sunburst motif fills the gable pediment. Post are Bungalow-style replacements. (P) 
211 Keller Street (BD-305) -- Ca. 1880 with later alterations. 1-story gable-roofed house with polygonal side bay and projecting front-gabled porch supported by paired columns on rusticated concrete block piers. (C) 
215 Keller Street (BD-306) -- Ca. 1880. 1-story shotgun cottage with gable-roof and 2-sided undercut gallery. Rectangular wood posts with sunburst motif brackets. (P) 
216 Keller Street (BD-286) -- Ca. 1925. Bungalow style. 1-story 4x2-bay front-gabled duplex with projecting jerkinhead roofed porch. Porch supported on piers of pyramidal box columns resting on brick piers. 
217 Keller Street (BD-307) -- Ca. 1860. 2-story 4x2-bay gable-roofed dwelling with 2-story undercut gallery. 2 entrances in middle bays. Replaced posts. (P) 
218 Keller Street (BD-285) -- Ca. 1870. 1-story 3x1-bay gable-roofed house with undercut gallery, side hall entrance and rear addition. Rectangular wood posts with sunburst motif brackets. Window and door arrangement not original. (C) 
226 Keller Street (BD-284) -- Ca.1950. 2-story 4x5-bay small brick house with gable roof. (M) 
228 Keller Street (BD-283) -- Ca. 1865. 1-story 4x4-bay salt-box shaped Creole cottage with shallow undercut gallery and 2 entrances in center bays. Central chimney. Replaced posts on brick piers. 
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