Necaise Avenue

103 North Necaise Avenue (BD-526) -- (listed as Corner Necaise and State) Ca. 1970. 1-story 2-bay hip-roofed modern dwelling. (M) 
301 North Necaise Avenue (BD-423) -- Ca. 1930. Bungalow style. 1-story 3x4-bay front-gabled house with undercut gallery, paired windows, and pyramidal box columns on concrete block piers. Diamond-shaped ventilator in gable-asbestos siding. (C) 
401 North Necaise Avenue (BD-407) -- Ca. 1930. Bungalow style. 1-story 2x4-bay gable-roofed shotgun cottage with front-gable orientation and undercut gallery. Diamond-shaped gable light. Paired columns on rusticated concrete block piers. 
107 South Necaise Avenue (BD-482) -- Ca. 1930. 1-story 3x5-bay L-plan frame dwelling with front-gable orientation and front-gabled porch. Remodeled. (M) 
109 South Necaise Avenue (BD-481) -- Ca. 1930. 1-story 2x4-bay front-gabled house with front-gabled porch. Paired windows. (C) 
111 South Necaise Avenue (BD-480) -- Ca. 1970. 1-story concrete and brick veneer structure with front-gable orientation (I) 
201 South Necaise Avenue (BD-464) -- Ca. 1900. 1-story 5x2-bay gable-roofed duplex with central projecting gable. Aluminum siding. (M) 
203 South Necaise Avenue (BD-463) -- Ca. 1900. 1-story 2x2-bay frame shotgun with canopy. (P)  (No longer standing)
207 South Necaise Avenue (BD-462) -- Ca. ___ 1-story 4x4-bay duplex with gable-on-hip-roof and 3-bay undercut porch. (C) 
212 South Necaise Avenue (BD-452) -- (listed as corner Easterbrook) Ca. 1965. Power building. 1-story small concrete block structure.  
213 South Necaise Avenue (BD-461) -- (listed as 211) Ca. 1950. Art Deco. 1-story 4x4-bay building of stucco and concrete block. Roofline with stepped central parapet. Raised geometric design in frieze. Some original double doors. Brick veneer modernized storefronts. (C) 
302 South Necaise Avenue (BD-422) -- Ca.1926. St. Rose de Lima Church. 1-story front-gabled stucco church with 3-bay façade. Projecting central entrance by topped by a 2-stage steeple. Round-arched window and door openings. (P) 
307 South Necaise Avenue (BD-421) -- 1965. School. 1-story 7x2-bay modern school building (I) 
309 South Necaise Avenue (BD-420) -- Ca. 1909. School. 2-story 4x2-gable-roofed frame building with two gables on the front elevation. Side and rear additions. (C) Torn down.   (No longer standing)
405 South Necaise Avenue (BD-406) -- Ca. 1935. 1 –story 12x4-bay rusticated concrete block building with gable roof and exposed rafter-tails. Triple and paired windows. Large bays have been infilled. (C) 
415 South Necaise Avenue (BD-405) -- 1950. Spool factory. 1-story 1x8-bay concrete block building with a gable roof. Front façade angled to fit the lot. (M) 
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