St John Street

306 StJohn Street (BD-475) -- Ca. 1860. 1-story Creole cottage with ell and rear gallery. Undercut front gallery with 4-bay façade. Two entrances in middle bays. Central chimney. (P)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
308 StJohn Street (BD-474) -- Ca. 1880. 1-story Creole cottage with gable roof, undercut gallery, and 4-bay façade. Two entrances in central bays. 
312 StJohn Street (BD-473) -- Ca. 1925. Bungalow style. 1-story front-gabled house with 2-bay façade. Projecting –bay front-gabled entrance porch supported by groups of three pyramidal columns on brick piers. (C) 
314 StJohn Street (BD-472) -- Ca. 1930. 1-story 4x2-bay gable-roofed duplex with gabled entrance porch on pyramidal box columns. 
316 StJohn Street (BD-471) -- Ca. 1880. 1½-story Creole cottage with gable roof and undercut gallery Two entrances in central bays. (C) 
321 StJohn Street (BD-478) -- Ca. 1905. 1-story 2x2-bay L-plan house with shiplap siding. (M) 
322 StJohn Street (BD-470) -- Ca. 1885. 1-story 4x1-bay Creole cottage with shallow undercut gallery and rear addition. Two entrances in middle bays. Turned posts and scroll-swan brackets. Central chimney. (P) 
323 StJohn Street (BD-479) -- Ca. 1940. 2-story 3x2-bay gable-roofed house with paired windows and vertically divided upper sash. (C)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
324 StJohn Street (BD-469) -- Ca. 1965. 1-story 4x2-bay modern brick house with gable roof. (I) 
328 StJohn Street (BD-468) -- Ca. 1940. 1-story 1x2-bay shiplap-sided gable-roofed house with shed-roofed side addition. 
336 StJohn Street (BD-467) -- Ca. 1940. 1-story front-gabled house. 2-bay undercut entrance porch. Exposed rafter-tails. (C) 
340 StJohn Street (BD-466) -- Ca. 1930. 1-story front-gabled house with undercut entrance porch. Replaced metal corner column on rusticated concrete block pier. (C) 
342 StJohn Street (BD-465) -- Ca. 1930. 1-story 4x2-bay duplex with Colonial Revival-style porch which has been modernized. Front-gable orientation. Exposed rafter-tails. Triple and paired windows. Rusticated concrete block piers. (C) 
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