Catahoula Little Providence Cemetery

This cemetery is situated in a large clearing just up the road from Catahoula Little Providence Baptist Church in the central part of the county. The gravel road leading to it is blocked by a large metal gate that is usually locked but allows access on foot.

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From I-10 take the 603 North (= exit 13), then turn left on State Road 43. After about 5.1 miles, you will see the Little Providence Baptist Church on the right hand side. Continue another 300 yards or so until you see the entrance in the woods on the left side of the road. It is marked by a yellow metal gate. If locked, you would have to walk about 300 yards to reach the gravesite.

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Cemetery layout:

Row numbers go from left to right. Sections A-D go from the front to the back. Section E is the middle section starting from the front. Section F is almost to the back.

Graves (101):

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#Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathComment
A01-01SellersEvangeline Cain18961993crypt
A01-02SellersWillie Thomas08/16/189207/28/1983
A01-04(Unmarked)white wooden cross
A02-01SellersWilliam T.06/24/192702/19/1967Mississippi PVT 318 Base Unit AAF World War II
A02-02(Unmarked)white wooden cross
A03-01(Unmarked)white wooden cross
A03-02SellersRupert C.03/02/1975PVT US Army Korea
A04-01(Unmarked)white wooden cross
A04-02HawthorneMaguerite Leola Sellers08/27/193010/24/2004
A05-02BridgesEarline10/14/195206/04/2016age 65
A06-01ThomasLinda Mayfield11/07/194808/23/2006age 57
A06-02BridgesGwendolyn Sellers Keys10/31/192005/02/2011
A07-01BonnerLillie Beatrice11/04/195603/23/2013
A08-01HamptonHelen Gertrude Sellers04/13/192411/09/2015
B01-01(Unmarked)broken white cross
B02-01(Unmarked)broken white cross
C01-01bGillumLatrice Renee04/27/198412/06/1989
C02-02bLewisMargaret G.08/15/189004/11/1984
E01-01SimpkinsWillie Rufus04/20/192002/13/1991US Army World War II
E01-02(Unmarked)white wooden cross
E01-03(Unmarked)white wooden cross
E02-01aNewkirkRev. Thomas J18791965
E02-01bNewkirkMary Ellen Sellers18981957
E02-02CooleyLillie Maseline Newkirk12/05/191708/02/1945not Legible
E02-03NewkirkEsther B.05/24/192911/28/1984
E02-04NewkirkLester Thomas05/30/192706/27/2005US Coast Guard World War II
E02-05NewkirkJaedyn Emily05/28/200605/28/2006
E02-06NewkirkMatthew Thomas11/10/199407/03/2016
E02-07(Unmarked)slab + cross
E02-08(Unmarked)slab + cross
E02-09(Unmarked)slab + cross
E03-01NewkirkJohn Thomas04/21/193606/13/2016
E03-02NewkirkEvelyn J. James02/11/194306/19/2006
E03-03BellDorothy Mae Newkirk02/03/193904/08/2014
E04-02(Unmarked)funeral home marker
E04-03(Unmarked)white wooden cross
E04-04HarrisW. H.04/23/1985no dob, age 65
E04-05(Unmarked)unmarked tombstone
E04-06(Unmarked)white wooden cross
E04-07(Unmarked)white wooden cross
E04-08JamesLula Robertadates not given or too weathered
E04-09BentonRose Lee Sellers06/05/193402/27/1996
E05-01YoungRuth E.04/24/192503/24/1988
E05-02(Unmarked)funeral home marker
E06-01BakerDora Lee Harris08/27/192705/01/1952
E06-02(Unmarked)white wooden cross
E06-03(Unmarked)white wooden cross
E06-04aAckerLeola J.08/24/188404/21/1978
E06-05(Unmarked)white wooden cross
E06-06(Unmarked)white wooden cross
E06-07AckerHerbert05/25/192301/27/1964Mississippi PVT US Army World War II
E06-08PaigeNancy A.03/23/190304/24/1983
E06-09(Unmarked)remnants of cross
E06-10(Unmarked)funeral home marker
E06-11AckerSherman L.11/05/192908/17/1998US Army Korea
E07-01bAckerAlice P.05/21/191301/18/1966
E07-02AckerR C04/04/192710/26/2006US Army World War II & Korea
E07-03JonesBertina A.18921985stone sunken, dates buried
E07-04StacksBulah07/13/1969practically illegible
E07-05(Unmarked)funeral home marker (empty)
E07-06StacksBerry11/1941practically illegible
E07-07GardnerVerna Marge(?) Prior03/25/193502/11/1955age 19
E07-08PriorJames W08/19/193310/31/1973funeral home marker
E07-09PriorAlton07/22/193607/01/1977PFC US Army
E07-10CraftMary Frances06/07/192406/17/1996(not certain, funeral marker hard to read); Age: ? years 0 months 10 days
E08-01SoulBertena (Mrs)07/18/191011/30/1972very hard to read
E08-02SoulManuel (Mr)08/21/191103/19/1972very hard to read
E08-03(Unmarked)white wooden cross
E08-05JamesGloria "Jeannie"04/05/194001/25/2005
E08-06JamesDorothy Ann11/01/194307/29/1961(Illegible)
E08-07aJamesHenry F07/02/188903/17/1984
E08-07bJamesEmma W02/24/189911/08/1999
E08-08JamesFreddie JAM3 US Navy World War II
E08-09JamesHattie Bell10/25/192704/05/1947both old and new tombstone
E08-10FranklinRuth James05/30/192004/29/1998
E09-01JohnsonCharlotte Maudine11/07/192208/16/2003
E09-02JohnsonLouis19251999PFC US Army, World War II
E10-01PayneTerry O'Landon09/22/195805/25/2010
E10-02FarveChase Davis07/12/200707/12/2007stillborn
E10-03FlowersJohnny C.CPL US Army World War II, dates sunken
E10-04FlowersMinnie R.08/25/192807/11/1994
E11-02GoffEarnestine "Necie"08/24/195703/27/2002
F01-01(Unmarked)white wooden cross
F01-02DevaughnFredPVT, no dates or sunken
F01-03(Unmarked)funeral home marker
F01-04(Unmarked)funeral home marker

The above list was compiled by the Hancock County Historical Society.  We have gathered original records, data handed down from families and/or collected by our volunteers and countless others, and tried to verify this information to the best of our ability.  If you believe some of this to be in error, or if you have additional information, please contact us.  Our phone number and email address are on the home page.

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