Holden-Thompson Cemetery

Private cemetery of the Holden family, now owned by the Thompson family. Located close to the Jourdan River, it is a very picturesque spot. There are several confederate and War of 1812 soldiers buried here. The oldest (marked) grave dates back to 1827.

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From I-10 take the 603 North (= exit 13). Turn left on Texas Flat Road. You can also simply follow the signs to the McLeod State Park. Go past the Park office entrance - on the right hand side - and take the next road to your right. It is a dirt road, no pavement, do not travel after heavy rains. Follow this very picturesque, winding road for about 1/2 a mile and you will see the cemetery on your right.

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Cemetery layout:

Row numbering starts at the road and graves are numbered left to right. See diagram for layout.

Graves (81):

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#Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathComment
1-01LindLillie M. 10/19/192007/09/2004
1-02LindCornelius M.04/30/192303/02/2001
1-03LindMichael J., Jr.10/03/191012/08/1985
1-04LindEllen L.07/21/188503/03/1968"Mother"
1-05LindMichael J., Sr.10/13/188412/26/1967"Father"
1-06LindVivian N.07/22/191504/01/1989
1-07LindVictor E.12/21/191807/13/1985Us Army World War II
2-01aFayeWillieCrypt, not marked (2008)
2-01bFayeSarah LindCrypt, not marked (2008)
2-02HoldenOneita Howard03/04/1927
2-03HoldenElder Moses T. Jr.05/07/192405/25/1999
2-04SchwartzDoris Elizabeth Holden 02/02/192011/22/1995Mother and Grandmother
2-05HoldenChristybell Lee11/11/193312/16/2000
2-06HoldenAaron James Sr.02/05/192901/07/1994
2-07HoldenLeona Estapa06/190003/16/1929
2-08HoldenMoses Thomas01/24/189108/20/1955WW I
2-09aLangCharles A.19162004
2-10HoldenSarah09/14/186102/07/1953Age: 92 yrs, 4 mos, 23 days
2-11HoldenVictor05/20/186107/15/1927"Father"; Husband of Sara Holden
2-12LindBetty JeanBaby; daughter of Ozzie Lind
2-13(Unmarked)small child
3-03ZamskyMary Nelson03/07/191902/15/1988"Mother and Wife"
4-02McGowenWade10/07/1982Can't find, date not certain
4-03HoldenNancy Ann Springfieldcan't find
4-04HoldenMahlon, Jr.183907/12/1858can't find
4-05Nelsonchild ChristianNo longer marked, in Nelson fence
4-06Nelsonchild PeterNo longer marked, in Nelson fence
4-07aNelsonMary05/185307/15/1926"Mother", Wife of Peter
4-07bNelsonPeter188801/16/1932"Father", Husband of Mary
4-07cNelsonbabyNo longer marked, in Nelson fence
4-09LloydClara Holden18971972
4-11L.Ilmo J.
5-01CampbellJoanne Higginbotham10/05/193006/07/1989Age 58
5-02CampbellWilbur Guy03/31/191505/15/1989Age 73
5-07WilliamsAllen07/30/1960age 60 yrs, 2 mos, 29 days
5-08WilliamsCatherine Holdencan't find; buried with Jack Williams
5-09WilliamsJack FamilyJack Williams Family
5-10WilliamsFrances Holden07/03/186712/06/1939age 66 yrs
5-12LottJoshua, Sr.10/08/184711/30/1920brother of Susan Lott Holden
5-13LottJesse "Bully"05/28/183403/19/1923brother of Susan Lott Holden
5-14LottCatherine Dawsey07/25/184401/08/1904wife of Jesse Lott
6-03HoldenMary Ann Pullum08/20/183603/06/1928
6-04HoldenGideon183106/29/1881CSA; 50 yrs old
6-05HoldenWilliam1948date of death ??/09/1948, month illegible
6-07HoldenCatherine Nichols17901853
6-08HoldenMahlon, Sr.17881846war of 1812
6-09TateAbigail Holden17931861
6-10TateJames S.03/18/178206/20/1861War of 1812
7-01JohnsonHorace C.07/17/192106/20/1968Miss Pfc 157 Inf 45th Inf Div Co World War II
7-02JohnsonWillie188810/04/1925Age 37
7-05LadnerLenora Holden03/12/187203/01/1917wife of David Ladner
7-06HoldenJohn (???)CSA
7-08(Unmarked)Army Eagle 12 star
8-01FayeDonald Bond03/11/194905/18/1996Age 47
8-03DunhurstLeon Stanley06/15/192810/20/1986Msgt Us Air Force Korea, Vietnam
8-04aWarrickChristopher Allen03/19/198802/06/2007
8-04bDunhurstChristopher W.03/19/198802/06/2007
8-05(Unmarked)Army Eagle 12 star
8-06(Unmarked)Army Eagle 12 star
8-07(Unmarked)Army Eagle 12 star
9-03KenmarJohnNote: grave is in the swamp at some distance, stone gone
9-04aKenmarElizabeth08/25/183810/30/1856Note: grave is in the swamp at some distance
9-04bKenmarSamuel Alexander08/28/185610/28/1856Note: grave is in the swamp at some distance
9-05(Unmarked)mother + baby1700's; graves in the woods; can't find

The above list was compiled by the Hancock County Historical Society.  We have gathered original records, data handed down from families and/or collected by our volunteers and countless others, and tried to verify this information to the best of our ability.  If you believe some of this to be in error, or if you have additional information, please contact us.  Our phone number and email address are on the home page.

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