Spring Branch Church Cemetery

Location of the old Spring Branch Missionary Baptist Church. NASA reinterred 141 graves here from the Gainesville Baptists Church cemetery in 1964. 110 of those relocated were unidentified. In 2008 only 12 of these original graves could be found, and only 10 of those had tombstones on them.

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From I-10 take the 607 North (= exit 2). Almost immediately after this exit, take the first road to the left. Follow this road for about 1.3 miles until you get to a T. Take a sharp turn to the left. After about 0.6 miles there is a dirt road to your right. Start looking for a grassy clearing / trail to the left, about 500 ft past the dirt road. Approximately 30-40 ft into the grassy trail, look to your right. About 15 feet into the woods are 2 tombstones. (#000a and #000b). Look at the layout sheet to find the other graves.

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Cemetery layout:

See image below:

Graves (35):

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#Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathComment
000aClarkOwen S.18881961headstone; was existing grave when Nasa reinterred others in 1964
000bYeagerThomas18921966headstone; was buried there after reinterment by Nasa
001HoganJohn J.03/20/187805/28/1958Reinterred from Gainesville #001
002HoganNellie E. Dawsey02/18/188611/17/1923Reinterred from Gainesville #002
003DawseyRufus08/20/183705/11/1913Reinterred from Gainesville #003; Later moved to Turtleskin
004DawseySusan Elizabeth Painter08/09/185002/06/1923Reinterred from Gainesville #004; Later moved to Turtleskin
025ArnoldCharlesReinterred from Gainesville #025
026ArnoldJaneReinterred from Gainesville #026
027MillerMary ArnoldReinterred from Gainesville #027
054MorelandLois Adline07/06/187110/18/1872daughter of J. & D. Moreland; Reinterred from Gainesville #054
055MorelandJames181601/14/1876headstone; born in Alabama; husband of Delaney Moreland; Reinterred from Gainesville #055
056MorelandDelaney M.183902/05/1891no marker; wife of James Moreland; Reinterred from Gainesville #056
057MorelandHenrietta01/20/188806/20/1889headstone; daughter of J. & D. Moreland; Reinterred from Gainesville #057
059GloverEd18721945headstone; Reinterred from Gainesville #059
069HarteSarah A.03/30/1851Reinterred from Gainesville #069
078WilkinsonSarah A.182409/05/1848wife of Gen. W.H. Wilkinson; Reinterred from Gainesville #078
079GainesAmbrose1910Reinterred from Gainesville #079
115MillerLutherReinterred from Gainesville #115
129DavidsonMary E.01/25/180708/28/1833headstone; consort (=wife) of G. Davidson; Reinterred from Gainesville #129
142FolsomAmey Josephine185305/18/1855headstone; shared with Sarah Folsom; Reinterred from Gainesville #142
143FolsomSarah182510/20/1853headstone; shared with Amey Josephine Folsom; Reinterred from Gainesville #143
144JohnsonAmanda Sophia185511/14/1856Reinterred from Gainesville #144
145JohnsonBennett185312/08/1853Reinterred from Gainesville #145
146JohnsonJoseph185007/11/1851Reinterred from Gainesville #146
147JohnsonAmelia Z.182901/16/1857Reinterred from Gainesville #147
185McGregorMartha Eloise (Larkin)02/27/182510/16/1869headstone; wife of Rev. E. W. Larkin; Reinterred from Gainesville #185
186CarreRobert B.Reinterred from Gainesville #186
187CarreMrs.10/05/1878Reinterred from Gainesville #187
188BradfordGabriel179512/19/1867headstone; husband of Mary E. Bradford; Reinterred from Gainesville #188
189BradfordMary E.180509/19/1867headstone; consort (=wife) of Gabriel Bradford; Reinterred from Gainesville #189
195BakerMrs.no marker; Reinterred from Gainesville #195
196BakerJames O.05/31/183310/06/1905headstone; Reinterred from Gainesville #196
226FaezellMagnusReinterred from Gainesville #226
306NicholsonLeonard Kimball01/11/188110/19/1952Reinterred from Gainesville #306
unk(Unidentified)110 unidentified; reinterred by Nasa from the Gainesville Baptist Church cemetery

The above list was compiled by the Hancock County Historical Society.  We have gathered original records, data handed down from families and/or collected by our volunteers and countless others, and tried to verify this information to the best of our ability.  If you believe some of this to be in error, or if you have additional information, please contact us.  Our phone number and email address are on the home page.

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