Cowand Cemetery

Private family cemetery of Jesse Cowand and descendants. Hancock County Records, book G, page 342.

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Cowand cemetery is located in Bay Saint Louis. From I-10 take the 603 South (= exit 13). Drive to Hwy 90 (about 5.4 miles) and turn left. Follow Hwy 90 for about 2.6 miles, then turn left on Dunbar Avenue. Turn right on Melody Lane (it's the second right you can take), then left on Leopold Street. The cemetery will be on the left hand side.

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Graves (40):

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#Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathComment
01CowandJesse (I)02/16/178605/06/1852Cpl., Capt. Thomas Beale's Co. of Orleans Riflemen Battle of New Orleans - 12/16/1814 - 3/14/1815; born in Norfolk, Va.
02CowandAnn McKenzle179501/15/1837born in Pennsylvania; 1st wife of Jesse Cowand (I)
03BryanLucinda Cowand01/15/181902/09/1856born in New Orleans, La.; died in New Orleans, La.; Married: (1) Gottleib Leonard Wagner (2) William Bryan
04CowandJoseph O.10/13/182401/28/1849born in New Orleans, La.
05CowandJoseph B.06/184802/19/1849son of Joseph D. Cowand
06CowandNorman Charles02/14/190910/28/1921born in Bay St. Louis, Miss.; son of Jesse A. and Inga Cowand
07CowandCharles Taylor12/13/184612/31/1917Pvt., 4th Co. Battn., Washington Arty., La. Confederate Soldiers; born in Bay St. Louis, Miss.; son of Jesse Cowand (I) and Elizabeth Scholes
08CowandHelena Johanna Dorhauer184901/15/1907born in New Orleans, La.; wife of Charles T. Cowand
09CowandJesse (II)12/04/183605/18/1890Sgt., Ord. Sergt., Co. G.F. and S., 7th La. Infty. Confederate Soldiers; born in Bay St. Louis, Miss. (Headstone says 1835-1889)
10CowandEliza Ames183808/30/1898born in Bay St. Louis,; wife of Jesse Cowand II
11CowandGertrude187519061st wife of Stephen Penney
12CowandJohn Sidney Latham18781960Im Memoriam only - buried in Louisiana; son of Jesse Cowand II and Eliza Ames Cowand.
13GaudetCora Wagner02/23/187808/20/1955died in Waveland, Miss.; granddaughter of Lucinda Cowand Wagner; wife of Clarence Gaudet
14GaudetCharles Clarence05/28/188110/29/1957born in Louisiana
15GaudetWilliam George09/21/190801/19/1981born in Louisiana
16CowandMary Elizabeth12/15/182809/03/1861wife of Francis Leibrook
17LeibrookMary Lucinda05/03/1875daughter of Mary Elizabeth and Francis Leibrook
18CowandAlfred Scholes02/05/183909/28/1917son of Jesse Cowand (I) and Elizabeth Scholes; Pvt., 4th Co. Battn., Washington Arty., La. Confederate Soldiers; born in Bay St. Louis, Miss.; died in New Orleans, La.
19CowandAngeline Moore18441881born in Shepardstown, Pa.; wife of Alfred S. Cowand
20CowandCharles187202/22/1936died in New Orleans, La.; son of Alfred and Angeline Cowand
21CowandClara18741963died in New Orleans, La.; daughter of Alfred and Angeline Cowand
22bPenneyMay Cowand18791962died in New Orleans, La.; daughter of Alfred and Angeline Cowand; 2nd wife of Stephen Penney
22aPenneyStephen18761943died in New Orleans, La.
24JonesLaura B.10/29/182910/17/1907born in Rahway, N.J.
25CrowellAnn E.02/05/182102/07/1883born in Rahway, N.J.
26JonesEula185607/31/1926born in New Orleans, La.; daughter of Laura B. Jones
27CrowellHettie09/29/184101/23/1925born in Rahway, N.J.; daughter of Ann Crowell
28AkenJoel F.04/14/183808/26/1884born in Rahway, N.J.
29AkenAlbertus K.03/17/181911/03/1894born in Rahway, N.J.; Husband of Jane Cowand of Deer Island (buried in Biloxi, Miss.)
30CowandJesse August (III)02/20/187808/14/1964son of Charles T. and Helena Cowand; Pvt., Light Battery "B", Washington Artillery, La. Spanish American War; born in Bay St. Louis, Miss.
31CowandInga Karlson11/24/188309/10/1983born in Whitehall, Mich.; wife of Jesse A. Cowand
32CowandJesse Robert Sr. (IV)04/20/190710/21/1980son of Jesse A. and Inga Cowand; Major, U.S. Army Signal Corps World War II; born in Bay St Louis, Miss.; died in Norfolk, Va.
33CowandMalcolm Alfred Sr.12/31/191005/08/1985son of Jesse A. and Inga Cowand; CWO, U. S. Navy World War II; born in Bay St. Louis, Miss.
34aJordyEulalie Cowand12/06/191612/17/2005
34bJordyJohn Roy08/17/191611/01/2004
35CowandRuby E.07/16/192004/29/1997
36PriceHelene Cowand01/11/190603/05/1998
37CowandCarl C.07/10/191411/10/2008
38CowandJoel Wolfe09/02/192907/16/2006b. New Orleans, LA; d. Spring, TX

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