South Beach Boulevard

100 South Beach Boulevard (BD-042) -- 1899. 2-story 3x4-bay masonry block building with flat parapet roofline. Corbeled cornices and corbelling between floors. Recessed central entrance with semi-elliptical fanlight. Continuous drip molding outlines windows and door openings on first floor.  
108-0110 South Beach Boulevard (BD-043) -- Ca. 1900. Mauffray Hardware. 1-story brick commercial building with stepped parapet which accommodates 2 stores, each with recessed central entrances. Cast-iron columns with capitals. (C)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
120 South Beach Boulevard (BD-044) -- Ca. 1930. 1-story 6x4-bay stuccoed commercial building with some infilled windows. Parapeted roof with tile enrichment. Wing with rounded corners. (C) 
200 South Beach Boulevard (BD-045) -- (listed as BeachS & Court) Ca. 1925. 1-story stucco commercial building with projecting canopy which is enriched with tile roof and ornamental brackets. (C)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
205 South Beach Boulevard (BD-046) -- 1907 with renovations 1924. Merchants Bank Building. Mission style. 1-story 3x8-bay brick building with tile hip roof. Curved parapet projects above the cornice in the center of the front façade. Corner entrance with arches supported on granite corner columns. Windows set in round-arched openings. Bracketed eaves. (P)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
210 South Beach Boulevard (BD-047) -- Ca. 1965. 1-story brick office building with hip roof. (I)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
222 South Beach Boulevard (BD-048) -- Ca. 1930. Our Lady’s Academy School building. Colonial Revival. 1-story 7x7-bay brick building with large round-arched windows on the front and side façades. Rectangular panels with patterned brick and elaborate ventilator grates in frieze area. Some double-leaf doors. (P)  (No longer standing)
228 South Beach Boulevard (BD-049) -- (listed as 230) Begun 1907, completed 1926. Our Lady of the Gulf Catholic Church. Romanesque Revival with Ionic portico. 2-story 3x6-bay brick church with 2 towers connected by a balustrade. Individual and groups of round-arched windows. (P) 
228_1 South Beach Boulevard (BD-050) -- (listed as 230) Rear building, Ca. 1975. "Johnson Hall". 1-story brick building with mansard roof. (I) 
228_2 South Beach Boulevard (BD-051) -- (listed as 230) Rear building, Ca. 1930. Long clapboard school building with gable roof and exposed rafter-tails. (C)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
240 South Beach Boulevard (BD-052) -- Ca. 1970. Office building on corner of Union. 1-story brick structure with truncated hip roof. Long narrow windows. (I)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
240_1 South Beach Boulevard (BD-053) -- Garage located behind this building. Ca. 1960. 1-story concrete block garage. (I)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
240_2 South Beach Boulevard (BD-054) -- Office building located west of above garage. Ca. 1950. 1-story concrete block building with tile roof. (C)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
300 South Beach Boulevard (BD-055) -- Ca. 1924. Gymnasium building at St. Stanislaus School.. 2-story 7x4-bay brick building with truncated hip roof. Overhanging bracketed eaves. 2-tiered undercut gallery with wooden bracketed posts. (P) 
305 South Beach Boulevard (BD-056) -- Main building at St. Stanislaus School. 2-story modern building with brick first floor and projecting second floor. (I) New front added to building ca. 1990. Unrecognizable.  
309 South Beach Boulevard (BD-057) -- 1929. Classroom building at St. Stanislaus School. Colonial Revival. 2-story 4x8-bay brick building. Undercut side gallery on both floors. Flat parapet roof. (P) 
406 South Beach Boulevard (BD-299) -- Ca. 1935 with later alterations. 5x3-bay brick house with hip roof and hip roofed 2-story section. (M) (Look on Keller street)   (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
412 South Beach Boulevard (BD-058) -- Ca. 1970. 1-story brick house with hip roof and recessed front porch. (M)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
414 South Beach Boulevard (BD-059) -- 1853. Swoop House. Greek Revival. 1½-story 5x2-bay clapboard house with undercut gallery and shotgun side addition. 3 pedimented gable dormers. Central entrance with eaved surround. Denticulated frieze. Boxed wood gallery columns with the exception of the 2 central columns which are Corinthian cast-iron columns. (P)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
416 South Beach Boulevard (BD-060) -- "Sullivan House". Ca. 1870. 1½-story 5x2-bay frame house with undercut gallery and central entrance with sidelights and transom. (P)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
418 South Beach Boulevard (BD-061) -- "Green House". Ca. 1890. 1½-story 1x5-bay frame dwelling with jerkinhead roof, undercut gallery and polygonal front elevation. Shed-roofed dormers. (P) Moved from New Orleans on a barge. Was a model home for the World Expo in 1884.  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
500 South Beach Boulevard (BD-062) -- Ca. 1970. 1-story dwelling with front gable orientation and side addition. Overhanging roof. Large chimney, front elevation. Side entrance. (M)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
502 South Beach Boulevard (BD-063) -- 1860. Greek Revival. 1-story 5x3-bay frame house with high basement, hip roof, central entrance and undercut gallery. 2 stairways lead to central bay of the first floor. Paired posts. (P)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
504 South Beach Boulevard (BD-064) -- Ca. 1870. 1½-story 5x2-bay frame dwelling with undercut gallery and gable roof with finials at the peaks. Bracketed porch. (P)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
506 South Beach Boulevard (BD-065) -- (listed as 508) Ca. 1925. Commercial building. 1-story brick and stucco building with overhanging hip roof. 1 bay contains a bank of windows. Side entrance and side addition. Infilled windows on north elevation. (C)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
600 South Beach Boulevard (BD-066) -- 1894 with later alterations. Star Theater. 1½-story 2x4-bay brick commercial building clad with stucco. Shaped and stepped parapet. First floor brick veneered. (C) Big "E" grocery.  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
604 South Beach Boulevard (BD-067) -- (listed as 608) 1930 with later alterations. 1-story front gabled commercial building with modernized front. (I) Hille Oldsmobile.  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
608 South Beach Boulevard (BD-068) -- (listed as 610) Ca. 1935. 2-story 4x2-bay frame dwelling with gable roof. Projecting porch. 4 french doors lead to porch. Exposed rafter-tails. (C)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
610 South Beach Boulevard (BD-069) -- (listed as 612) Ca. 1910. 1-story 3x3-bay frame dwelling with T-plan, hip roof and hip-roofed dormer. Exposed rafter-tails. Undercut gallery. (C)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
612 South Beach Boulevard (BD-070) -- (listed as 614) Ca. 1970. 1-story 5x5-bay dwelling with hip roof. (I)  (No longer standing)
700 South Beach Boulevard (BD-071) -- (listed as Citizen 700) Ca. 1895. 1½-story 5x2-bay frame dwelling with gable roof, undercut gallery and central entrance. Gable-roofed dormer with Palladian window. Bracketed posts. Entrance has transom and sidelights. (P)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
708 South Beach Boulevard (BD-072) -- (listed as Hancock 707) Ca. 1790. Spanish Custom House. 2½-story 5x2-bay stucco over brick dwelling with gable roof and 2-tiered gallery on 4 sides. Original kitchen building in rear. (P)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
712 South Beach Boulevard (BD-073) -- Ca. 1890. 1½-story 6x2-bay frame dwelling with irregular plan. Projecting gable with Palladian window. Polygonal bay. Undercut porch. Cut-out vergeboards. (C)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
800 South Beach Boulevard (BD-074) -- Ca. 1960. Colonial Revival. 1-story brick house with 5-bay façade, central entrance and hip roof. 2 large chimneys. (M)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
806 South Beach Boulevard (BD-075) -- "Beachwood Hall". Ca. 1840. Greek Revival. 1½-story 5x3-bay frame dwelling with undercut gallery, gable roof and central entrance. Entrance with transom and sidelights. Wood posts with capitals support wide frieze. 3 gabled dormers. (P)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
904 South Beach Boulevard (BD-076) -- Ca. 1890. Colonial Revival. 1-story 5x2-bay frame dwelling with undercut gallery. 3 doors and sets of paired windows on the front elevations.   (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
908 South Beach Boulevard (BD-077) -- (listed as 906) Ca. 1970. 1-story dwelling with gable-on-hip roof. Overhanging bracketed eaves. Rows of long windows. Clad with stucco. Modern but compatible. (C) Also on property are 2 buildings under construction.   (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
912 South Beach Boulevard (BD-078) -- 1970. Christ Episcopal Church. 1-story gable-roofed church with separate addition and free standing tower. All clad with stucco. Modern 1-story modern brick dwelling labeled 78A and B on map. (I) Destroyed by Katrina in 2005. Bell tower remaining.  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
912_1 South Beach Boulevard (BD-079) -- Johnson Hall located behind church. Ca. 1920. 1-story frame structure with hip roof. At each end is a 2-story hip-roofed section which projects from the slopes of the main hips. Shed-roofed dormer. Banks of windows.   (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
916 South Beach Boulevard (BD-080) -- "Ballard House". 1850 with Queen Anne and Colonial Revival additions. 1½-story 5x2-bay house with central entrance and undercut gallery. 3 pedimented gable dormers, the central one with turned balustrades, carved arched openings and shingled pediment. Balustraded polygonal bay windows on side elevations. (C)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
918 South Beach Boulevard (BD-081) -- Ca. 1915 with rear wing which could be earlier. Bungalow style. 1½-story 3x3-bay frame dwelling with gable roof, exposed rafter-tails and paired posts on brick piers. Moved from #912 in 1970. (P)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
920 South Beach Boulevard (BD-082) -- Ca. 1910. Bungalow with Prairie School influence. 5x3-bay stucco dwelling with truncated hip roof of terra cotta tile. Casement windows overhanging eaves. (P) Burned 3/23/94.  (No longer standing)
928 South Beach Boulevard (BD-083) -- Ca. 1945. 1-story L-plan stucco house with overhanging second story and hip roof arcaded porch. (C) 
940 South Beach Boulevard (BD-084) -- Ca. 1965. 1-story modern frame dwelling with irregular plan and hip roof. (I)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
942 South Beach Boulevard (BD-085) -- Ca. 1905. Colonial Revival. 2½-story 3x3-bay stucco house with gabled slate roof. 2 gable-roofed dormers, and porte cochere. 2-story balustraded wing. Denticulated frieze. (P)  (Destroyed by hurricane Katrina)
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